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Clark Gable assorted postcards price marked

Clark Gable Museum Plate $25.00

GWTW VHS Video $5.00

The Misfits VHS Video $5.00

Programs and Magazines

price marked

Clark Gable

by Gary Saderup $49.95

Clark Gable Collage

by Jean Wilson


Clark Gable framed poster $74.95

Clark Gable

Air Force Plate $15.95

Daniel Selznick Framed GWTW Commemorative $24.95

GWTW Rhett & Scarlet print

(no frame)


GWTW B/W Collage


Vintage Movie Magazines $6.00 (2 for $10.00)

Bumper Sticker $1.50

Christmas Ornament $1.00

Shot Glass $5.50

Magnet $1.95

GWTW Lunch Box $5.00

GWTW Rhett & Scarlet poster (framed)


GWTW Framed Plate $31.00

Clark Gable

Watch $25.95

The Young

Mr. Gable

booklet $8.00

Clark Gable Bust $19.95

Clark Gable

Museum Pen $2.50

Streets of Cadiz

by Dave Barnhouse

(no frame)


Gable Movie Collage



Clark Gable Foundation



Clark Gable Framed Art Deco Poster


GWTW Scarlet Plate $25.00

($20 ea. for 2 or more)

Clark Gable Museum

Golf Shirt


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